Scott Adams adventure 1: Adventureland

I recently decided to play some classic text adventures that I tried when I was younger but never finished.

First up I had a go at Zork. Still got stuck and had to use maps and a walkthrough. Then listened to the great podcast about it by Kay Savetz and Carrington Vanston – Eaten by a Grue

Then I decided to play the first ever microcomputer text adventure – Adventureland by Scott Adams. This time I tried my hardest to finish without cheating (I had to get a few hints in the end). As part of this effort, I decided to do my own mapping – even of the maze!

To do the mapping I decided to figure out what the current state of the art is in digital mapping tools and found It’s not a perfect tool but it’s pretty damn close. The important thing is to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

Anyway, after looking at the other maps for Adventureland online, none of them seemed to capture everything. So I thought I’d share mine. Herewith is my map:

I played the SAGA version with graphics on the Virtual II emulator.