Scott Adams adventure 2: Pirate Adventure

So I decided to play the next Scott Adams adventure, Pirate Adventure (also known as Pirate Cove).

This one was much more cohesive than the first. Where Adventureland was a jumble of stuff thrown together, this one pretty much stuck to its theme. I say “pretty much” because the first part where you start in a London flat is a bit odd.

Anyway, I tried my hardest this time to not cheat.

And failed.

I eventually succumbed at two frustrating points after wandering around for far too long without any progress. “Where do I find a damn empty container?! And how can I unlock that door?” The answer to the second question relied on a description I’d long forgotten. The answer to the first was kind of ridiculous. Oh well, at least the rest of the game was fairly straightforward after that.

Herewith are two maps. The first one is just the locations, so it’s kind of spoiler-free in some ways.

The second one includes all the items in the rooms, which in a couple of cases is a giveaway. So if you want to try solving it yourself, look away!

On to Mission Impossible!