Scott Adams adventure 3: Mission Impossible

I finished it without cheating!

Like Pirate Adventure before it, this one was pretty good in terms of it being a cohesive setting. Who you are and why you’re there isn’t given any time of day but who cares about that stuff! We’re on a mission! And it’s impossible! (Not really.)

This time I was determined to get through the game without looking at any walkthroughs.

There were only two places where I got mildly stuck. In the first instance, I eventually looked at the dead saboteur’s card again and figured out what was required.

At another point I lucked out because I just tried something random with a certain door and it worked. Later, when I looked at a walkthrough, it was interesting to note they had used a totally different verb noun combination. Nice that Scott put in enough verb noun variations to make it work.

So after about 2-3 hours I won through without resorting to cheating – not even looking at an online map! Yay me!

I wonder if maybe I’m getting used to the way Scott thinks. I’m enjoying these cheesy, small adventures.

Anyway, I could only find one map online and again, it looked kind of weird, so here are mine.

This first map has just the room names:

And here’s the one with item names included:

I may take a break before I do the next one.