AppleColor RGB Monitor

So here’s a brochure I haven’t seen anywhere else online. Also known as a Product Information Sheet.

It’s for the AppleColor RGB Monitor – the recommended monitor for the Apple IIGS. It’s from 1990 and published by Apple Computer Australia.

The image shown on the monitor is from some version of either Paintworks Plus or GS Paint. I’m a bit unsure because some things aren’t quite right. I loaded up an emulator and ran Paintworks Plus and Paintworks Gold and couldn’t replicate the screenshot. The menus aren’t right and the bordering of the image is different. Apparently the image existed in Apple’s clipart library since the launch of the GS. Thanks to Tony Diaz for help with this! 

Here’s the front


And here’s the back


And here’s an OCR’d PDF: applecolor-rgb-monitor.pdf